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Homeless Rate by Age

The number and rate of homeless Lincoln adults in 2019 was the lowest in a decade

When homelessness is viewed as a proportion of the population, the homeless rate among youth was the same as the rate among adults in 2019. Looking at past years, a larger percentage of youth were homeless compared to adults up through 2014; in 2015 through 2018, however, a larger proportion of adults were homeless compared to youth. 

  • Homelessness peaked in Lincoln in 2012, when there was a homeless rate of 4.4 children per 1000, and 3.4 adults per 1000.
  • In 2019, the homeless rate among children was 1.6 per 1000, and 1.5 per 1000 among adults.
  • The homeless rate for adults in 2019 was the lowest of the past thirteen years.