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Juvenile Arrest Comparison

Lincoln’s juvenile arrest rates for drug violations and property crimes are increasing
  • Lincoln’s juvenile drug arrest rate was previously lower than the national rate, but has been increasing in the past decade (since 2009), and is now 56% higher than the national rate.
  • Although property crimes committed by juveniles have been decreasing annually in recent years,2 since 2014 Lincoln has experienced an increase in the property crime arrest rate.3
  • Lincoln’s juvenile violent crime arrest rates have been on average 72% lower than the national rate over the past decade.



2. Statistical Briefing Book, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

3. Although juvenile arrest rates may largely reflect juvenile behavior, many other factors can affect the magnitude of these rates, such as the attitudes of citizens toward crime, the policies of local law enforcement agencies, and the policies of other components of the justice system.