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Child Out-of-Home Placements

The percentage of children in out-of-home placements has increased in recent years

Nebraska’s child protective custody system has been widely criticized for the high percentages of children that are placed in out-of-home care (such as foster care).

  • In Lancaster County, the percentage of children in foster care continues to be higher than the national rate.5,6
  • Although the percentage of children in out-of-home placement (on a given day through a Point-in-Time count) is a relatively small percentage of the population of children in Lincoln, the percentage does represent more than 600 children (in 2018, 673 children were in out-of-home placements).


5. All data is Point-in-Time. Lancaster County data 2006 through 2009 for December 20; 2011 and later for June 30. National data is for September 30 of each year.

6. These figures exclude children who are removed from homes due to juvenile justice interventions.