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Housing Wealth by Race/Ethnicity

Housing wealth is disproportionately held when compared to the overall population of Lincoln
Housing wealth1 is an indicator of upward mobility. It is defined as the share of a community’s housing wealth held by a group of people adjusted for the number of households2 of the same group. This figure presents the proportion of housing wealth controlled by households of different races and ethnicities and the proportion of households in Lincoln identified as having a householder of each race and ethnicity. The greater the gap between these percentages, the more inequality in housing wealth in the community.

  • Black or African American households make up 3.2% of Lincoln households and possess 1.9% of Lincoln’s housing wealth – the largest proportional gap of any group.
  • Latino/a or Hispanic households make up 4.8% of Lincoln households and possess 3.8% of Lincoln’s housing wealth.
  • Lincoln householders of Other Races and Ethnicities make up 6.9% of Lincoln households and possess 5.3% of Lincoln’s housing wealth.
  • White households make up 85.0% of Lincoln households and possess 89.0% of Lincoln’s housing wealth.

U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 1-year estimates, Public Use Microdata Sample (via Urban Institute).

  1. Housing wealth is based on self-reported housing value, does not account for the extent of mortgage debt, and does not account for other important demographic variations such as differences in age composition across race and ethnic groups.
  2. Households are classified by the race and ethnicity of the householder. In this data, “Other Races and Ethnicities” are all races and ethnicities that are not included in the other categories; this classification was created by the data source, and more detailed data is not available.