Lincoln Vital Signs

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The Lincoln Vital Signs Report focuses on these key areas:

Community Profile

Lincoln’s population growth and overall well-being indicators.

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Economy & Workforce

Employment/unemployment, income, education, job creation, innovation, and new construction.

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Basic Needs

Poverty, food programs, health insurance, and housing in Lincoln.

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Lincoln’s early childhood, p-12, and
post-secondary measures.

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Health factors, diseases, healthcare, substance abuse, and mental health.

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Safety & Security

Crime, emergency response, injuries, and domestic violence.

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Lincoln Vital Signs 2019 

Key Findings:

Lincoln is Prospering and growing stronger

Already strong, Lincoln is flourishing:

  • Our streets are safe.
  • Adults are educated and engaged in work.
  • New and existing businesses are creating jobs.
  • Buildings and civic spaces are appearing.
  • Greater proportions of our youth are from diverse backgrounds.
  • Lincoln has bent the trajectories of homelessness, need for crisis services, and lack of access to high quality childcare.

Persistent Weaknesses Stymie Progress

In a time of growth, not everyone is prospering:

  • Most Lincoln families have not regained pre-Great Recession income levels.
  • Lincoln’s low cost of living does not offset our lower incomes.
  • Persons from racial and ethnic minority populations struggle to achieve equity in educational attainment, employment, and income.
  • We have unprecedented geographic concentrations of extreme poverty and poor health.


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Helping Lincoln Prosper

Lincoln Vital Signs findings led the community to create Prosper Lincoln. Lincoln Vital Signs reports help the community Be Informed and Prosper Lincoln encourages the community to Get Involved.  Prosper Lincoln is creating a framework for addressing priorities in Early Childhood, Innovative Workforce, Affordable Housing, Strong Neighborhoods, and Civic Investment.