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Lincoln Vital Signs 2015 Now Available!
The Lincoln Vital Signs 2015 report has been released to the public. This report now contains two years’ worth of data and updates. Like last year, this report is intended to be shared and distributed with as many Lincolnites as possible. During the coming year, this report will be the centerpiece of a community-wide process, called Prosper Lincoln that will catalyze action in areas of importance. From May to July 2015 input about how to move forward from the report will be solicited through events, meetings and online. Over the remainder of the year and into 2016, Lincoln’s community agenda will be shaped and set in action.

On May 12, 2015, over 900 community members from various groups and organizations gathered for a breakfast held at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. During the breakfast, attendees heard from a variety of speakers who all had two things in common - - being informed and getting involved. The Lincoln Vital Signs 2015 report trends and highlights were discussed and conversations were started indicating how you can help Lincoln prosper. If you were unable to attend the breakfast, 5 City TV recorded it in full and you can watch it here.

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Welcome to Lincoln Vital Signs. The Lincoln Vital Signs website is a collaborative project of many of Lincoln’s largest public and private charitable organizations. Lincoln Vital Signs has current data about Lincoln in seven key areas: Community Profile, Economy and Workforce, Basic Needs, Education, Health, Safety, and Community Involvement and Culture.
Click here to read the report or the executive summary.

During the coming months, sponsors of the Lincoln Vital Signs report are focusing on communicating the results to the community through community-wide events, presentations to various community groups, media releases, and email newsletters. Click here to read about our recent activities.

Organizations and collaborations are using Lincoln Vital Signs data in their planning, including the Alternative Response pilot for child welfare, City of Lincoln, Community Learning Centers, Cooper Foundation, First Christian Church, Lincoln Community Foundation, Nebraskans for Peace, United Way of Lincoln/Lancaster County, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 4-H Youth Development, and others.

A summative report and its related labor studies have been released that analyze Lincoln’s workforce, one from the perspective of employers and the other from the perspective of employees:


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