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Race/ethnicity and Poverty by geography

Many neighborhoods with above average populations of persons of color also have above average levels of poverty

The Community Health Endowment of Lincoln Place Matters supplement on Poverty and Race/Ethnicity in Lincoln maps the neighborhoods with higher than average poverty and higher than average concentrations of people of color (Black/African-American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic/Latinx, or Some Other Race). Areas of higher poverty largely overlap with areas with higher percentages of racial and/or ethnic minority citizens. Of the census tracts with a higher than average person of color population, 80% also have a higher than average poverty rate.


    Map courtesy of Community Health Endowment, Place Matters Community Mapping Project. For the online interactive map of the CHE Place Matters 3.0 Maps, visit: https://www.chelincoln.org/placematters/maps.html.